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About Us
About Us
"My design philosophy is quite simple: to develop timeless bedding of unparalleled quality in elegant colors and patterns that can be mixed and matched from season to season. All of our textiles are made in Italy and we are proud to be part of that tradition of excellence."

—Nancy Koltes

Nancy Koltes was founded in 1984 by designer Nancy Koltes, a pioneer in introducing luxury linens to the American Market.

Nancy Koltes was the first to combine an American sensibility with Italian craftsmanship. The result is a luxurious collection in the finest natural fibers that captures the warmth and spirit of the American lifestyle. "It was the marriage of all things I wanted to do and it combined all my passions, the Arts, home-furnishings and textiles-from all elements in my life".

Blending a life-long passion for design, fabric, textures and color, Nancy Koltes has developed a fine linens and textiles company under her own name with a vision and signature business style as noteworthy as her collection. The Nancy Koltes design philosophy is consistently simple: classic, elegant, and timeless bedding pieces to be mixed and matched. Using a basic palette, each season infusions of color, pattern and woven textures are added to the collection, like building blocks.
Creatively, Nancy Koltes focuses on the visual impact of color and texture. "Our linens are like couture pieces, and we make fashion statements with the most unusual, eye-appealing and colorful fabrics". The equisite quality, rich woven fabrics and signature prints make Nancy Kotles Fine Linens a must have home accessory for anyone who appreciates quality and style. Celebrities, architects and interior design aficionados all agree.
The building block approach to Nancy's work has allowed the company to grow with a strong wholesale and retail consumer base. Making for a steady expansion with fresh additions each season, her company began with a core business of white linen, now boasts 2-4 print and jacquard introductions each season. 

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