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  • Choosing the Right Down Comforter and Pillows

    How do I know which comforter or pillow is right for me? What pleases you? A ‘light as air’ covering or a snuggly layer of warmth? Whatever your preference, our qualified sales associates are here to help you find the right style to fit your needs. Below are some helpful hints and specifics regarding the Nancy Koltes line of Fine European Down products. Answering the questions provided below will help you find just the right product for you.

    Questions to help select the perfect comforter or pillow especially for you:

    • What size bed do you sleep in?
    • How warm do you want to be?
    • What is the temperature like where you live?
    • Do you sleep on your stomach, back, or side?
    • Do you like the feeling of weight with warmth or weightlessness with warmth?
    • What is your budget?

    Comforter choices for the perfect fit:




    Cortina Light

    Cortina Medium

    Cortina Ultra

    Capri Light

    Capri Medium

    Capri Ultra

    Torino Light

    Torino Medium

    Torino Ultra

    Lugano Light

    Lugano Medium

    Lugano Ultra

    Verona Medium

    Pillow choices for the perfect fit:

    Soft - stomach sleeper

    Medium - back sleeper

    Firm - side sleeper

    Cortina Soft

    Cortina Medium

    Cortina Firm

    Capri Soft

    Capri Medium

    Capri Firm

    Torino Soft

    Torino Medium

    Torino Firm

    Lugano Soft

    Lugano Medium

    Lugano Firm

    Verona Soft

    Verona Medium

    Verona Firm

    Four sizes of comforters and three sizes of sleep pillows to meet your needs:






    71”x 86”

    81”x 86”

    90”x 94”

    108”x 94”





    20”x 26”

    20”x 30”

    20”x 36”

    Sizes are in finished, unfilled dimensions

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