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  • Our Quality - Fine European Down

    Nancy Koltes Fine European Down products use only the cleanest and highest quality down available. This superior down comes from the healthy, mature geese and ducks that thrive in the cold climates of Europe and North America. Down, the soft undercoat that traps the warm air radiating from the bird, naturally insulates it from the cold weather. There are many varieties of down, but they are not all the same quality. Nancy Koltes uses only the largest clusters that come from these cold-climate birds. Loft and resiliency are also a strong determining factor in evaluating down. The higher the down quality, the larger the clusters, the more resilient and insulative the down becomes. Down quality is measured not only by the visual cluster size and quality, but by its “fill power”. To measure fill power, one ounce of down is compressed in a marked plexiglass cylinder with a weighted piston. When the weight is removed, the down’s ability to spring back can be measured. Down with a higher fill power rating is more resilient to compression, lofts better, and can trap more air.

    The proper cleaning of down is of utmost importance to remove the dust and odors that can make people allergic to down. Our down is cleaned to exact standards, is hypoallergenic and far exceeds the U.S. government specifications for cleanliness.

    Finest Ticking Fabrics:
    Ticking does much more than just keep down inside your comforter or pillow. Down’s amazing qualities require it to breathe naturally and have sufficient room to expand and loft. Therefore, to function properly, the fabrics used to hold the down must be of the finest quality, tightly woven to ensure they are down-proof and of the lightest weight available. Every Nancy Koltes tick is carefully selected to maximize loft, minimize weight and give a unique feel and quality to each style we offer.

    Quality of Constructions:
    All Nancy Koltes comforters and pillows are constructed with the utmost care and precision. All have double needle edge perimeter sewing with piping for assured durability. All of our comforters are constructed with a baffle wall construction – an interior 1.5” wall of fabric at each seam to maximize loft and breathability. We also use a box stitch construction which keeps the down from shifting and prevents any “cold spots”.

    Very few people are actually allergic to down. Most allergic reactions are a response to the dust that is a natural by-product of down harvesting, which can still be present if the down is inadequately cleaned and processed. Our down and feather fills are subjected to a rigorous cleansing and testing process to assure that all exceed the hypoallergenic standards. For those with extreme allergies, our Vento down alternative collection is the perfect choice.

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